Revolutionizing the way we think of seed potatoes…   

The TECHNITUBER® technology is a scientifically advanced process of producing large volumes of miniature seed potato from virus and pathogen free nuclear materials.

By utilizing this mass production capacity in protected production environments Technico is able to produce the required seed numbers to transfer to its field seed production programs or to its customers to deliver commercial seed in 2 - 3 field generations.

Our technology allows us to produce commercially affordable seed 3 - 4 field generations earlier than traditional seed methods - a quantum step by any standards.

Put simply, we start our system with a clean product, we keep it clean in protected environments and we produce TECHNITUBER® seed at least 15 times the productivity of conventional minituber production practices.  


This is one of the keys allowing us to produce competitively priced seed at Elite I or Elite II when others spend many more years in the field to achieve the same production economics.

To show this graphically the charts below highlight the difference in generations between the exiting process and the TECHNITUBER® process.

Existing Supply Chain

TECHNITUBER® Seed Supply Chain

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