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Produced in our state-of-the-art TECHNITUBER® facility located in Hoyt, New Brunswick, TECHNITUBER® seed can revolutionize your current seed production and procurement systems. With the compact size of the TECHNITUBER® seed it can be planted at approximately 100lbs per acre versus traditional seed weighing up to 3,300lbs per acre.

TECHNITUBER® seed offers the perfect opportunity to develop a reduced field generation seed scheme to improve the quality and yield of your final crop.

Early Generation Field Seed

All Technico field seed is produced under strict quality guidance utilizing select partner farming operations. By implementing key agronomic protocols, we ensure world standard quality is achieved.
Together with local partners, Technico has established a presence in East and West   Canada. From these operations we are able to supply Atlantic Canada, North East and   North West areas of the USA.

In addition to our joint farming project in Hoyt, TECHNITUBER® seed has been planted and successfully grown in several Canadian provinces and U.S. States. By combining our TECHNITUBER® seed and agronomy support with innovative, highly qualified seed potato growers, we can achieve a distinct advantage that raises the bar for seed potato production across Canada and the US.



Technico seed is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (C.F.I.A.) and is virus tested to assure quality.  For a complete record of how the C.F.I.A certifies seed please click here

As an added level of confidence in the quality our seed is also “post harvest” tested by Agricultural Certification Services Inc (ACS).  For more information of this testing, please click here


Early Generation Seed Potato Varieties

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