Industry Benefits
We are committed to delivering innovative seed potato technology to clients interested in changing the dynamics of the current seed system.  We are dedicated to delivering high quality, affordable, Early Generation seed that challenges the way you currently think about seed potato production.

As a result of the establishment of extensive field programs and the application of advanced  agronomy protocols Technico delivers commercially competitive, high quality Early Generation seed potato material.

  • Rapid introduction of new and improved varieties.
  • Less field multiplication with resulting quality improvements from less disease build up.
  • Low transport costs for initial TECHNITUBER® seed product.
  • Greater traceability of the seed product.
  • Better control over the seed production chain.
  • An opportunity to export more seed from an established Early Generation seed program.

Technico is committed to the production of quality assured, Early Generation seed potato products and the rapid introduction of new potato varieties worldwide. Technico practices a limited generation seed program which reduces the number of field multiplications required to produce economic volumes of affordable seed.

Less field generations, less disease exposure, higher vigour
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