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Technico Technologies Inc. began operations in North America in the spring of 2003 with our TECHNITUBER® production facility in Hoyt, New Brunswick Canada.

Our goal in Canada and North America is to establish early field generation seed potato programs that give our clients a distinct competitive advantage in a globally competitive food industry.

We are focused on reducing field generations and with it reducing disease accumulation. Cost effective production of EI (FG-2) seed is possible – we can make it happen for you!

Ask your seed supplier: - “How old is this seed, why can’t I have affordable Elite 1 / Elite 2 seed in its place?” 
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Special needs abound in the North American seed market.... Using our system allows you to:

Implement affordable early Field Generation seed potato programs
Reduce seed exposure to soil borne pathogens
Rapid, introduce new varietes
Exercise control over a compressed seed supply chain
Our mission is to be recognized as leaders in revolutionizing the global seed potato market through the application of innovative systems to deliver the highest quality, affordable, early generation seed potatoes, consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations through our desire for excellence.
The next generation in seed production technology …..

We are applying our award winning TECHNITUBER® seed technology to revolution the North American seed potato industry
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