Our Partners
Through selective partnerships, Technico is introducing a compressed seed supply system. Our partners bring strong local knowledge of seed production systems.  

With this knowledge, coupled with Technico’s ability to rapidly produce large quantities of first generation planting material, the seed system is being compressed to a two to three year program. 

This was considered impossible in the past because of the high cost and low volume availability of minituber seed.

Left: Sean Kilfoil
Right: Leigh Brennan

  Our partners include:  
  • Sean Kilfoils - New Brunswick
+1 506 391 5077
  • Leigh Brennan - New Brunswick
+1 506 392 7724
  • Matt Brennan - New Brunswick
+1 506 278 5266
  • Brian Brennan - New Brunswick
+1 506 391 5533
  • Farm Manager: Jonathan Thomas - New Brunswick
+1 506 391 9944
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